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Sweet Cubes

Sweet Cubes

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Sweet Cubes

Introducing the Kids Purim Sweet Cubes! Packed with oodles, taffy pops, dazzlers, and Noshkes Super Snack, each 3x3 cube is a burst of fun. Girls get pink candies, boys get blue. Plus, let them choose any label from our website to make it extra special!


Dimensions: 3"x3"x3"

Contents: clown oodles, dazzlers, taffy pop, noshkes super snack

Hashgacha: Rabbi Speigel (Lakewood)

All orders will be delivered by Sunday march 17th.

Every Mishloach Manos comes with a pre-applied customized label.

We offer free delivery in Lakewood. In the tristate area the fee for delivery is $25.

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